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DPD sustainability

Sustainable Delivery

Our distribution partner DPD are on a journey to become the UK's most sustainable delivery company.

To minimise our effect on the environment we have chosen DPD to fulfill our delivery process. As well as ensuring that your delivery is received on time and in perfect condition they also strive to be as gentle on our planet as possible.

They are investing in electric vehicles and aim to be completely emission free in cities. By creating a network of all-electric micro-depots their all-electric vehicles are located closer to the customers. Shoppers will get their next day delivery in a cleaner, quieter and more sustainable way.

Green packaging

They provide 36 million plastic packages a year to protect customers’ goods and they want to do something about this, which is why they’re working with customers to reduce the number of bags used. They have also made a major change to the bags themselves, which are now made from 80% reclaimed material and are 100% recyclable.

Shrink wrap recycling

In 2019 DPD recycled 150 tonnes of shrink wrap from its operation, through a great new initiative. All shrink wrap used in their operation is now bailed at their central hub and then reprocessed into raw plastic material. This is then sold and the money generated goes into the DPD Eco fund to support green initiatives throughout the UK.

Solar power

When it comes to electricity they want to do their bit, so they spend more to make sure electricity comes from a sustainable source. Buying electricity from only renewable sources.

Waste Management

In 2019 they collected and recycled over 300 tonnes of plastic and had it turned back in to raw materials ready to process again.