Its Right To Repair
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Our Strategy

1. Educating the public on sustainability, efficiency and waste-reduction in domestic appliances

Through the ‘It’s Right To Repair’ website we are educating members of the public in the impact domestic appliances have on the environment, and how to minimize those impacts through being more aware of the facts surrounding manufacture, use and disposal of appliances.

2. Promoting Eco Friendly Products that Help the Environment

We aim to promote products offered by our suppliers that have an environmental benefit the domestic appliance consumer, such as EU Eco-Label Goods.

3. Driving Down the Cost of Repairs

We're actively promoting and encouraging our suppliers to keep the cost of spare parts and accessories as low as is possible to encourage and make all repair jobs financially viable. To this end, we’re in on-going contact with local and national media outlets to raise the profile and awareness of the project.