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Helping the environment

Welcome to It's Right To Repair

The aim of the 'It's Right To Repair' website is to promote the link between repairing appliances and protecting our natural environment. The information is aimed to help reduce our impact on our environment and help you to make informed decisions. This link may seem far removed but through repairing and maintaining your appliances instead of disposing them, the burden on the environment is greatly reduced. This reduces the pollution from hazardous substances seeping into the ground, less energy used to re-purpose the raw materials and less of our countryside is used for waste disposal. All of these actions can help us to maintain a lower carbon footprint and we can all enjoy a healthier, greener environment.

New European legislation initiatives have been introduced that demand that industry plays its part as well as consumers in preventing the further degradation of the environment. It is widely acknowledged and accepted that our current levels of living, consuming and producing are unsustainable and so we all must make an effort to think, live and act differently.

To promote this idea to the consumer and to provide the relevant information needed to make a positive change, this site has been created in the hope that it will provide a firm base to help reduce the impact on our planet.

On this website you will find lots of information about how you can do your bit to reduce your impact on the environment and what choices you can make about your household appliances.

"Promoting eco friendly products that help the environment"

Promoting eco friendly products


How Can I Help?

If we all work together we can help more than you think. These days most people recycle their bottles, jars, glass, plastic and paper without even thinking. If we think about other items that are easily recyclable we can decrease our need for landfill.


Why Repair?

Together we can help reduce the impact of global warming, the highest levels of greenhouse gas emissions and fast depletion of the earth's natural resources. If changes are not made now it will affect our future generations.


Our Strategy

It's Right To Repair is an initiative developed by Paxanpax. We are devoted to developing a promotional strategy for our business and customers. Every part of our business is aimed at repairing appliances so that we can increase their longevity.

"Driving down the cost of repairs"

Reducing the cost of repairs