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Energy Saving Tips

There are numerous energy saving tips to be made throughout the home that can save energy, save costs and prolong the life of your household goods and appliances.

All appliances have individual tips for smart usage and energy saving ideas.

Washing Machines and Tumble Dryers
  • Choose the best energy rated machine you can for both washing machines and tumble dryers. This could save both on energy bills and water consumption.
  • Use economy programmes where suitable and convenient.
  • Use full loads where able.
  • Modern washing powders allow cooler washes and work just as well at lower temperatures.
Fridges and Freezers
  • Keep the fridge or freezer in the coolest available area and away from heating or cookers. Make sure air can circulate freely around the appliance.
  • Keep the fridge at an optimum temp of 3-5°C and the freezer at -18°C.
  • Choose the best energy rating device that is suitable.
  • Never put hot food in either the fridge or freezer and keep the freezer as full as possible to avoid cooling fresh air.
  • Check door seals are working correctly and undamaged.
  • Load the fridge and freezer as quickly as possible and avoid leaving the door open.
  • If not “Frost Free”, defrost regularly to maintain efficient working.
Ovens and Hobs
  • Make sure you have the best energy rated products available. For instance A+ rated products use approx. 40% less energy than a B or lower rated appliance.
  • Microwaves and Air Fryers use significantly less energy than the oven as does cooking on the Hob.
  • Induction hobs are the cheapest to use but may not be the most convenient.
  • Keep lids on pans to reduce heat loss and avoid opening oven doors whilst cooking.
  • Do not overfill pans and cut food into smaller pieces to cook quicker.
  • Fill the Dishwasher before use.
  • Use a lower heat programme or Eco mode where able.
  • Use the most energy efficient product that is available.
  • New 'Eco Kettles' can use significantly less energy than older models.
  • Do not overfill or continually boil the kettle. Use what you need and as soon as the water is boiled.

This is just a small sample of tips that you can use to help save energy as well as your appliance and increase its longevity. If you can only follow a few of these tips then you will still be helping to do your part. If we all manage to make just a small difference to our lives that will create a large difference to our planet.